When Should You Consider White Dental Fillings?

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If you’re concerned about your child’s cavities, white dental fillings are a good option to consider.

white dental fillingsLearning that your child has a cavity is never a fun experience. You may wonder what you could have done differently to prevent the cavity, or have anxiety about the consequential dentist visit that must take place. Fortunately for children who have cavities, advances have been made to not only improve the procedure, but to also ensure that dental fillings align seamlessly with the appearance of teeth.

Unlike traditional dental amalgam fillings that are made of metal, white dental fillings are comprised of a glass and plastic based mixture, known as a composite resin. Applied in layers, this composite resin is dried with a special light that ensures proper drying and hardening of the different layers. Many dentists choose this option due to the cosmetic benefit it offers; white fillings match natural tooth color, and are therefore indistinguishable from other teeth. This ensures that the aesthetic appearance of a child’s smile remains virtually unchanged.

When Are White Dental Fillings The Best Choice?

While composite fillings seem like an obvious and desirable choice, it’s helpful to understand how they compare to traditional metal fillings. Traditional amalgam fillings offer a strength and durability unmatched by composite fillings, and can be more cost effective, especially if your child has multiple cavities to be filled. Additionally, metal fillings can be more effective when filling large cavities.

If you’re still undecided about which type of filling to choose, the following circumstances are best suited to composite fillings:

  • Your child’s cavity is small or midsized
  • Your child’s cavity is on the front of a tooth, or situated in the front of the mouth, where it will be noticed
  • Your child’s tooth is permanent
  • Composite fillings are covered by your insurance
  • A metal filling would drastically detract from the appearance of your child’s smile

Should the aforementioned circumstances come to fruition, talk to your dentist about white dental fillings. The composite resin that forms these fillings constantly being improved to offer greater durability and strength.

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