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FAQ’s About White Dental Fillings Lowell Dentists Provide

While there are various options for filling dental caries (cavities), there are two used most often amongst dental professionals – dental amalgam and composite resin.

Dental amalgam fillings have long been the most popular filling choice because of their durability and cost effective nature. However, composite resin comes with it’s own set of advantages. Perhaps you have a few more questions about the white dental fillings Lowell dentists are able to provide.

We seek to answer them for you.

What is a white dental filling?

A white dental filling, known as composite resin, consists of a glass and plastic mixture that hardens as it is applied to the tooth. The composite is applied in layers, and the dentist typically uses a special light to harden each layer after it is applied. The preparation for receiving a white dental filling in Lowell can be slightly trickier than its opposing option, although not impossible. The area receiving the composite must be completely dry in order for the resin to stick properly. An experienced dentist will ensure that this important preparation step is completed well.

What are the benefits of composite resin fillings?

The most common reason for white dental fillings Lowell parents choose for their children is the aesthetic aspect. Composite resin fillings are designed to be a natural tooth color, making the filling virtually invisible. Compared to the stark look of metal in the mouth, this natural option is often more desirable.

When should one get a composite resin filling?

Because these fillings are not quite as durable as amalgam fillings, they are most often used in cases where the filling will be easily visible. If your child has a cavity on the front side of a tooth, your dentist will most likely suggest composite resin fillings.

What are the disadvantages of white dental fillings?

While in past years, white dental fillings have not exhibited as much strength as their metal counterpart, the compound mixture continues to improve, bringing more durability and strength with each change.

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