What Is Pediatric Fluoride Treatment & Why Is It Necessary?

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Raising kids with healthy teeth and gums is essential to establishing a lifetime of proper oral care. Starting by taking your child to the dentist is vital, allowing them to develop trust and comfort with the dental team. During their routine care, your child will receive an exam, tooth polish and pediatric fluoride treatment.

An astonishing amount of children are in need of fluoride treatment. According to the National Institute of Dental Research, 42% of children ages 2-11 have cavities on their primary (baby) teeth, 23% of those children will have cavities that will remain untreated.dentist using dental filling gun on kid

What Is Pediatric Fluoride Treatment?

Pediatric fluoride treatment (also known as fluoride varnish) is a mineral that is applied to the teeth which helps prevent, slow down or even stop tooth decay in it’s tracks by strengthening the tooth enamel. Typically, children can receive treatment every 3-6 months, depending on the need.

When your child receives fluoride treatment from Dr. Mona or our Kangaroo Krew, you can  rest assure that the treatment is safe. Fluoride treatments are only used in proper small dosages. It is even safe if your child swallows it, which may happen since it tastes so great!

Fluoride treatment is applied with a brush and only takes a few seconds. Some children may cry and wiggle due to fear of the unknown, but pediatric fluoride treatment causes no harm or pain to your child.

Why Is Fluoride Treatment for Kids Important?

Periodic fluoride treatment helps prevent cavities, the most common chronic disease in children in the U.S. according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. If you find that your child may need increased at-home care for the amount of cavities they develop, Dr. Mona can answer any questions you may have. Dr. Mona can even prescribe a fluoride varnish for children so that you may continue care at home.

Please note that pediatric fluoride treatment does not prevent all cavities. You must continue to brush and floss regularly, eat well and consider your child’s natural genetic tendencies.   

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