Tooth Brushing for Toddlers from The Best Pediatric Dentist Carlisle Offers

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It’s not called the terrible twos for no reason.  At times, the toddler years can be a challenge for even the most seasoned parents.  And simple tasks that you assume will come off with ease, often produce tears or tantrums.  While we know that it’s not all tears, we also know that having a few tricks of the trade can make the difference between an unwelcome evening and one filled with laughter and tickles.  tooth brushing for toddlers from the best pediatric dentist carlisle offers

That’s why the pediatric dentist Carlisle parents love wants to offer you a few tips for helping your little ones brush their teeth.

Tips for Toddler Brushing

  • Play a Silly Song – Find a fun kids song that lasts the recommended two minutes and always play that song while brushing.  You can even determine which points in the song your child will change areas he is brushing (right upper side, back of teeth, etc.).
  • Add Adventure – If you know your child can handle it, make up a fun and simple story about monsters that live on your child’s teeth that must be vanquished by the brave prince and his powerful bristle brush!  Or explain that space debris must be cleared from the “row of white planets” so the planets are not destroyed forever.  This method is especially appealing to boys.  
  • Establish a Brushing Character – have a fun stuffed animal, plastic figurine or favorite toy that your child is only allowed to hold while brushing their teeth.  You can even develop a quirky voice for the item that you only use during brushing time.

Try one or all of these methods to take your brushing time from tears to laughter.  For more helpful tips and information, talk to the pediatric dentist in Carlisle that has made your kids her specialty, Dr. Mona Beylin!