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We all know that going to the dentist can be daunting. And for kids, it can be downright scary. No one wants their child to have that kind of experience. It may be tough finding your way to a Tewksbury dentist, especially a pediatric dentist, but Kangaroo Smiles is here to lead you home. We know how stressful going to the dentist can be for kids….and their parents! It’s for that very reason that we want you and your child to feel safe and comfortable while you’re here with us. Like family!

What Makes Us Different From Any Other Tewksbury Dentist?

We’re not your ordinary Tewksbury Dentist. At Kangaroo Smiles, we don’t just want your child to have a pleasant experience, we want them to WANT to come back! With a kid-friendly office with whimsical illustrations on the walls, games, stuffed animals, and electronic devices, your child will feel completely relaxed. Add to that, monthly contests and prizes, and your child’s desire to keep coming back and their motivation to take care of their teeth will develop a healthy habit well into adulthood. Which is important because the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a check-up every six months.

It’s not only important to make sure your child is comfortable during their visit with us, it’s vital for their overall sense of peace and trust in us. When is comes to children’s dentists in Tewksbury, we don’t just want to be the best, we want to be trusted. By you and your child. Along those lines, we do everything in our control to give your child peace of mind throughout their visit. We have extensive training and have the experience, patience, and knowledge to help your children through all of their dental cleanings and treatment.                                            

If you’re concerned about getting the proper care from the right pediatric dentist, don’t worry. We offer the best pediatric dental services in Tewksbury ranging from regular exams and cleanings to root canals and therapeutic pulpotomies. We also offer sedation for those who need it. We are extremely experienced with working with children with special needs. We’re here for everyone! It’s time for you to calm your worries knowing that we’ll treat your child with the same compassion, gentleness, and care as we would our own. Make the first step to finding peace of mind and a bright smile for your child. Call us at (978) 425-1496.


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