Making The Routine Dental Checkup Fun

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It’s Time To Change The Image Of A Routine Dental Checkup

routine dental checkupDentists get a bad rap. Let’s face it, most of us will admit to dreading going to the dentist. Some people usually go through life with a fear of the dentist. Routine dental checkups are highly recommended starting from childhood to adulthood. Sometimes our own negative feelings regarding dentists and a routine dental check up can be passed onto our children.

As parents, we know we need to instill important values such as family values, right from wrong, education, and healthy habits. Dental hygiene is one of the most critical healthy habits to start with your child at an early age. Scheduling the initial routine dental check up can cause just as much anxiety as for the child. However, the visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary and anxious experience. You may find that as parents, perhaps we are more anxious wondering how our little ones will respond.

Just as selecting a trusted pediatrician for our children is important, finding the right pediatric dentist is just as critical.  Did you know that 1 in 4 children has had at least one cavity by the age of 4? Once you have found a pediatric dentist, you should be able to obtain tips on how to prepare your child and even yourself for their first visit.

Kangaroo Smiles Offers The Most Kid-Friendly Routine Dental Checkup For Your Child

Kangaroo Smiles is becoming a preferred pediatric dental office among families around Lowell, Massachusetts. We are more than just another pediatric dentist office. Dr. Mona Beylin-Daneshi is committed to providing a gentle and fun environment for children of all ages.

What should you expect with your child’s routine dental checkup with Kangaroo Smiles? Dr. Mona and a member of of the Kangaroo Krew will provide everything from a detailed oral examination and cleaning. Dr. Mona is a strong advocate for prevention. This means, your child will receive fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and tooth decay along with X-Rays. The X-rays will help Dr. Mona and her team address and prevent dental issues from occurring in the future. Our X-rays even admit 90% less radiation compared to traditional x-ray machines.

While we offer comprehensive dental care for your child, it is our environment that sets us apart from other Massachusetts based pediatric dentists.  You and your child will always be at ease for various reasons. Here is why Kangaroo Smiles has been gaining positive reviews and testimonials:

    • Kid-friendly atmosphere: Fun illustrations on walls!
    • Stress-Free Environment: Whether your child is in for a 6 month dental checkup or orthodontic services, our compassionate staff will always make you feel at ease. We also use kid-friendly terms and language to make the experience less intimidating.
    • Prizes: Your child will receive various forms of prizes and goodies for just visiting us. Your child could also be featured as one of our “Super Kids of the Month” award. Plus, we offer multiple contests.
    • Experience with Special Needs Children: We are trained to work with your child no matter his needs. Our team exhibit extensive training to enable your children to receive the best dental treatment for kids.

We have been building strong relationships with clients, and our referrals continue to increase. Due to the influx of new families, we are opening our second office in Metheun for June 2017. It’s also almost the end of the year, so insurance will be renewed shortly. If your insurance is being renewed in January, call us today to schedule your check up. While we accept most insurance carriers, we do offer affordable payment options if your dental needs are not covered.

Hopefully, you now see that the dentist really isn’t that scary. Call us today to schedule your child’s routine dental checkup. Call us at (978) 757-2210.