The Pivotal Role of Baby Teeth

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Starting Healthy Dental Habits During Infancy

baby teethDid you know that most dentists recommend scheduling your child’s first dental check up before their first birthday? You maybe thinking, “My child’s baby teeth haven’t even come in yet. Why would I need to take them to the dentist?”

Choosing your child’s dentist is just as important as a primary pediatrician. Although infants don’t start teething until around 6 months, it is never too early to take your child to the dentist. Instilling proper dental habits early on can prevent future oral issues. Even if your child’s baby teeth have not set in, dentists can examine the gums and detect any potential issues to be aware of.

“Baby teeth fall out, so why worry so much?”

While they do fall out, any issues that go under the radar such as cavities may cause serious oral health issues. For example, it is common for older infants and young toddlers to develop cavities. How can this be? There are multiple factors that play a role in why young children are susceptible to cavities and tooth decay:

  • Higher sugar content in food and drink.
  • Even the “healthier” snacks are usually loaded with sugar.
  • Lack of knowledge when it comes to pediatric dentistry.

Think of baby teeth and maintaining oral health as training wheels are to a bicycle. Prior to riding a bike without training wheels, your child needs to take the right steps to lead them in the direction to confidently pedal without assistance. By instilling good dental hygiene habits at an early age you can encourage your child to carry out healthy dental habits independently. Incorporating daily dental check ups and oral healthcare serve as a strong foundation to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Kangaroo Smiles: Dental Habits Start With Baby Teeth

Let’s face it. The idea of a dentist visit is not the most thrilling to some. However, Kangaroo Smiles is more than just another “children’s dentist.” Kangaroo Smiles is lead by Dr. Mona Beylin who is a firm believer in prevention. Whether it is checking up on an infant’s baby teeth or performing a routine dental check-up for an adolescent; she and members of the Kangaroo Krew ensure your child is always comfortable throughout the process. Our compassionate team is only just one aspect that sets us apart from the rest. When you come to Kangaroo Smiles you will find:

  • Child-Illustrated Walls– Children can look at fun drawings and pictures.
  • Patient of the Month-Your child could be featured with this award.
  • Experienced with Special Needs children-We are trained to work with each child regardless of the their background.
  • Prizes– Each child will be rewarded with fun prizes as a “Thank you for being an awesome patient!

We are excited to announce a second office to accommodate our patients in Methuen, MA. Call us today to have us check up on your child’s baby teeth development. Call us at (978) 425-1496.