What Do You Get When You Mix Pediatric Tooth Extractions With Great Experience?

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Dr. Mona and the Kangaroo Krew have the answer for you!

In a world of preemptive ideas of what you get when you mix a dentist and a tooth extraction – many seem to tremble in their boots. If you or a loved one have had an experience that you do not want your child or grandchild to experience, then it’s important that you choose the right place suitable for your child when they are in need of a pediatric tooth extraction.

Being 2016, there have been a number of advances in both technology and technique that allow pediatric dentists to better serve your children in a way that will bring more comfort and ease than ever before. For example, digital x-rays now emit 70% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Not only are they safer for your child, but the digital films used can be smaller and more comfortable to place in a child’s mouth.

Along with digital x-rays, many pediatric dentists have dental instruments designed specifically for tiny mouths. This allows the dentist to move more freely in one’s mouth, without them feeling intimidated by the size of the instruments that were used in the days that we would visit the dentist.

What To Expect With A Pediatric Tooth Extraction

So how do you know that you’ve chosen the right place for your child’s pediatric tooth extraction needs? Dr. Mona and her Kangaroo Krew have the answer! Dr. Mona delivers pediatric tooth extractions and a great experience every time – allowing your children to become motivated with a desire to pursue their oral health while opening a path of trust with their dentist. This is important in the years to come that they may continue to practice good hygiene habits.

Characteristics and signs that you and your child are in for a great experience with pediatric dental extractions in an office consist of:

  • A caring doctor and staff that easily and comfortably reassures you that your child’s dental experience will go smoothly. Did you know that it is easier to pull a child’s tooth, than an adult tooth? This is because in most cases, a majority of the root is resorbed and there is not much to pull from the child’s jaw.
  • If you are worried about the procedure, your child’s dentist will explain to you step-by-step how your child will be given a local anesthetic and the tooth will simply be pulled. After the tooth is pulled, the dentist will apply a small piece of gauze, along with extra for you to take home so that you can change it out if need be. In most cases, your child will not experience pain after tooth extraction because pediatric tooth extractions tend to be an easy process.
  • Your dentist will work carefully and patiently with you and your child. Remember that it’s important for you to trust the dentist, and not allow your feelings to worry your child.

Here at Kangaroo Smiles we can assure you that your child will get the excellent care that they deserve. From our open room policy, to our child’s games and fun artwork on the walls – your child will feel right at home.

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