Searching For Pediatric Tooth Extractions Around Lowell?

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While tooth extractions have a reputation for being frightening, your child’s experience can be a positive one if you enter the procedure with the right mindset and treatment team. Children generally need to have teeth removed due to decay, crowding, or fracturing. In some cases, braces can be applied to alleviate crowding. In other circumstances, however, tooth extraction may be the best option.

When considering pediatric tooth extractions around Lowell, it’s important to look for a practice that specializes in pediatric dentistry. Kid-friendly dentists recognize how crucial it is to offer non-invasive care when possible, which can include digital x-rays and child-appropriate instruments. Digital x-rays not only result in 70% less radiation than traditional x-rays, but also ensure a more comfortable procedure. Likewise, dental instruments designed for smaller mouths will ensure a less invasive experience for your child.

What To Expect During Lowell-based Pediatric Tooth Removal

Extractions may vary depending on the condition of your child’s tooth. If the tooth is visible and connected by a single root, the extraction may be very simple. This type of extraction involves numbing of the area affected and extraction of the tooth with forceps. Impacted teeth may require more invasive treatment in order to reach the tooth. Such extractions may be accompanied by nitrous oxide or a sedative IV to ensure a safe, and pain-free procedure.

Pediatric tooth extractions in Lowell are best accompanied by:

  • A friendly, caring staff that seeks to ensure a positive experience for your child
  • Step-by-step explanation of the procedure if required
  • Careful observation of your child after tooth removal to ensure proper hydration and recovery

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