Why Seek Out Pediatric Root Canals by Dracut?

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If your child is in need of pediatric root canals by Dracut, you may be wondering how this procedure will benefit your child in the long run. The primary incentive for root canals is to save a tooth that is inflamed or infected by removing the pulp in the center of the tooth. You may be wondering if this procedure is necessary, as your child’s primary or baby teeth will fall out eventually on their own.

Surprisingly, saving a baby tooth can be equally as important as saving a fully developed adult tooth, as baby teeth that fall out prematurely put children at risk for difficulty  chewing, interrupted speech development, and improper alignment of developing permanent teeth. Baby teeth serve the purpose of holding space for the permanent tooth that will grow in behind it. Sometimes, if there is a gap left prematurely, other adult teeth will grow in to fill that gap, creating improper alignment of adult teeth. Another reason for requiring a pediatric root canal near Dracut may result from an erupted permanent tooth that has nerve damage.

What To Expect During Pediatric Root Canals By Dracut

Before your child receives a root canal, it’s likely that he or she will first receive a diagnosis during an initial clinical exam that assesses the pain and evaluates your child’s medical history. In order to see what’s happening below the gum line, it may be necessary for your child to receive diagnostic x-rays as well.

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