The Top 4 Signs Your Child May Need Pediatric Orthodontist Braces

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Unsure of what to look for when deciding if your child needs braces? We’ve got 4 tips to help.


The Top 4 Signs Your Child May Need Pediatric Orthodontist Braces

We all know that making sure that kids brush and floss is important, but how do you know if it’s time to get pediatric orthodontist braces for your child? There are four important signs to look for so you can determine if your child needs braces.

  1. Tooth alignment problems. If teeth don’t grow in straight, they may cause crooked or overlapping teeth.
  2. Overcrowding.  When there’s not enough space for all of the teeth, it makes it difficult to properly clean between the teeth and cause tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss and bad odors.
  3. Open bite is when the child’s teeth don’t touch when their mouth is closed. Treatment is recommended after the baby teeth have been lost because as children get older, their teeth begin to grow closer together.
  4. Crossbite is an abnormal bite and occurs when the upper tooth is behind the lower opposing tooth, and may cause excessive wear of the teeth.

Benefits Of Using Pediatric Orthodontist Braces Vs. General Orthodontist Braces

The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that children should have their first orthodontic appointment by the age of seven. Let us make you aware that if your choice is to visit an orthodontist that serves people of all ages may not always benefit as compared to visiting a pediatric orthodontist for braces. The major differences in the two include:

  • A pediatric orthodontist has the instruments sized appropriated for your child’s mouth size, whereas a general orthodontist may or may not only have generally sized instruments for larger mouths.
  • A pediatric orthodontist is experienced in treating small children, providing them with a comfortable and calm atmosphere. A general orthodontist may not have such experience.
  • A pediatric orthodontist overall specialty is with children so she may in fact win trust over your children as compared to other dentists.

What Does A Pediatric Orthodontic Consultation Look Like?

During the visit, Dr. Mona will complete a growth and development exam of your child, and if there appears to be any obstacles in the growth of your child’s teeth, she will order x-rays which will help her to diagnose any problems.  Benefits of pediatric orthodontist braces include:

  • Pediatric orthodontic braces may help to prevent tooth decay.  Once teeth have been straightened, it is easier to clean and floss every tooth.
  • Orthodontic braces for children can prevent other health problems because they correct misaligned teeth which often cause headaches, earaches, biting and speech problems.

At Kangaroo Smiles we provide high quality care in a kid-friendly environment and patient education. To learn more about pediatric orthodontists braces or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 978-425-1496.

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