Think Your Child’s Baby Teeth Don’t Need Pediatric Orthodontics? You May Be Wrong!

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Your child’s baby teeth do more than just chew; they fill an important role in the future oral health of your child’s mouth.

pediatric orthodonticsWhile you may have thought your child’s baby teeth have little purpose aside from chewing, they actually hold a place of value for your child’s future oral health. Primary (baby) teeth accomplish an important task by holding the space ready for the eruption of the permanent tooth soon to come.

And although many parents think that pediatric orthodontics will not be necessary for their child until the early teen years, in many cases that is simply not true. There are cases when pediatric orthodontics are necessary even in young children. One of the orthodontic options that your dentist may suggest for your young child is a space maintainer.

Space maintainers do exactly what their name says; they ‘maintain the space’ for the coming permanent tooth. If your child loses a baby tooth prematurely, that space is at risk of closing up. The surrounding teeth will quickly and easily move into the empty space, often disturbing the proper alignment of the teeth. This can cause many other alignment issues in the future, which is why your dentist will most likely recommend a space maintainer as a viable and necessary pediatric orthodontic option.

Your child may lose his or her primary teeth early for several reasons:

  • The tooth may be knocked out in an accident or fall.
  • Severe infection in the tooth may require its extraction.
  • The baby teeth may be missing at birth.
  • In some children a rare disease or condition can lead to early tooth loss.

Space Maintainers for Pediatric Orthodontics

Space maintainers are made of stainless steel and/or plastic. There are both removable and permanent options (fixed space maintainers). Removable space maintainers are recommended for older children that can maintain proper care of the appliance.

There are numerous fixed space maintainer options available for your pediatric orthodontic needs. Ask your dentist about any of the following options:

  • Band-and-loop maintainer
  • Distal shoe appliance
  • Lingual arch space maintainer

Whatever option your dentist recommends, don’t neglect this important part of your child’s oral health. A simple space maintainer can save your child from years of more extensive pediatric orthodontic work.

If you have noticed a missing tooth in your child’s mouth or your child has recently experienced an injury resulting in the loss of a tooth, call Kangaroo Smiles today to seek advice concerning the best pediatric orthodontics available.

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