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While the world of radiology has seen increased negative attention in recent years, pediatric digital x-rays bring a needed element of safety and efficiency to radiology.
If your local pediatric dentist still uses traditional dental x-rays, you both may be missing out on considerable benefits that are present with digital x-rays for kids.

Why Use Pediatric Digital X-rays?

Decreased Exposure

Digital x-rays use much less radiation than film x-rays.  Digital x-rays can decrease radiology exposure by up to 90%.  This is due, in part, to the ability to localize the laser beam to the exact position in the child’s mouth that needs the x-ray picture. The high speed film used for digital x-rays also reduces the radiology exposure.

Time Efficient

With digital x-rays, your pediatric dental appointments will be shorter.  Digital x-rays are taken and then almost instantly transferred electronically to a computer screen.  Your dentist is then able to immediately view the x-ray and proceed with treatment as needed.

High Quality Images

With traditional film x-rays, manipulation was not an option.  The printed film was what you got.  However, digital x-rays afford the opportunity to enlarge pictures, change contrast, brightness and much more.  This provides higher quality images for your dentist to use, bringing a greater understanding of the actual condition of your child’s mouth.

Easily Transferrable

In former years, much thought and planning was needed in order to get your child’s x-rays from your pediatric dentist to your orthodontist, or vice versa.  A physical copy had to be printed and mailed to the office, and out of necessity this needed to be done days or weeks in advance.  With digital x-rays, your dentist is able to send and receive the x-rays electronically with the click of a button.

At times x-rays are necessary for your child’s dental health.  The Kangaroo Krew at Kangaroo Smiles uses x-rays only when necessary and uses digital x-rays in order to decrease radiology exposure for kids and bring a more efficient dental experience to you and your child.

Dr. Beylin uses pediatric digital x-rays to:

  • Check the positioning and movement of your child’s erupting teeth
  • Determine the extent of mouth and teeth injuries
  • Identify any missing teeth or extra teeth
  • Spot infection within the teeth or gums
  • Identify bone diseases
  • Diagnose cavities that cannot be found from just a visual exam
  • Determine the necessity of orthodontic work
  • Analyze the bone and jaw placement and possible issues

Whether you know your child needs a digital x-ray or she simply is ready for her pediatric dental checkup, Kangaroo Smiles is here to meet all your pediatric dental needs.

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