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Discover Conservative Care at the Pediatric Dentist Dracut Parents Love

As the pediatric dentist Dracut residents have come to trust, Dr. Mona Beylin and the Kanga Crew at Kangaroo Smiles believe in conservative and preventative dentistry.  But what does that mean?  And how does it affect you and your child?

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Both terms, at their core, have to do with preserving the child’s natural teeth.  Dr. Mona believes that it is always better to work hard at the onset to keep the state of the teeth in optimal health, than to work hard repairing damage and replacing with substitutes.

How does a quality pediatric dentist in Dracut put these beliefs into practice?

Thorough Education – The Kanga Crew makes every effort to provide thorough information to you as the parent concerning your child’s oral health.  We take time to talk about how your child’s diet can affect their teeth.  We explain proper cleaning and protection methods for all ages, from babies with teeth not yet erupted to children with braces and active sports lives. If we see a problem, we discuss not just the immediate treatment proposed, but also the reasons that treatment is important for future health.

Consistent Checkups – Dr. Mona encourages that your child come in for a dental checkup every six months in order to experience the best oral health possible.  This allows the crew at Kangaroo Smiles to catch any problems before they arise.  A thorough professional cleaning is also a necessary step in keeping teeth healthy.  Removing plaque buildup can be a key element in prohibiting cavities.

Fluoride Treatments – One of the beneficial advancements in the field of dentistry has been the use of fluoride treatments for the past several decades.  Although a small and simple process, this method of cavity protection packs big results.  Shown to reduce the risk of dental caries, Dr. Mona uses these treatments to further support her preventative dentistry practices.

There’s a reason why Kangaroo Smiles is the top pediatric dentist Dracut offers – we put your child’s oral health first.  We believe in preserving the health of your child’s teeth and taking care and caution that all our methods used do just that.  For more information on the pediatric dental services in Dracut that we have available, call us at (978) 425-1496.