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Massachusetts Parents: Where Is Your Choice Pediatric Dentist Lowell  Trusts?

That infamous trip to the dentist may instill a sense of dread in our minds. Many people can agree that they avoid a trip to the dentist. We envision sharp tools, masks, x-rays, drills, and that little sink that dispenses mouth wash. No matter how you may feel about the dentist – it’s important to begin implementing a healthy dental regimen starts as early as infancy, for your child.

Emphasizing the importance of dental health into our children’s minds is just as important as a healthy diet. When it comes to picking out a pediatric dentist Lowell parents should take in important factors when selecting a pediatric dentist. You can find multiple pediatric dentist practices throughout Lowell, Massachusetts. However, some “pediatric dentists’ may not be as kid-friendly as others. You should find a dentist who takes away the nerves and anxieties often related to routine dental check-ups or additional dental work.

Here are some tips in finding the perfect pediatric dentist Lowell families have come to love and trust:

  • Dentists should be board certified from organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Dental Association.
  • Environment is nurturing and kid-friendly.
  • All employees hold the proper certifications and credentials.
  • Kid-friendly terms and language that reaches their level.

Kangaroo Smiles Is The Leading Pediatric Dentist Lowell Families Trust

Kangaroo Smiles has transformed the image of the pediatric dentist to Lowell, and neighboring counties in Massachusetts. Lead by Dr. Mona Beylin and her Kangaroo Krew, they remove the fear associated with the dentist. In addition to a compassionate team you will find:

  • Kid friendly environment ranging from kid-illustrated walls with bright colors.
  • Kid-friendly and appropriate languag.
  • Access to the latest technology.
  • Contests and Prizes to reward children for taking care of their teeth.

We are one of the most sought out pediatric dentists, Lowell is now one of two locations. As we continue to grow, we will be opening a second office in Methuen. Call us at 978-757-2210 to schedule your child’s appointment today!