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Are you looking for a pediatric dentist to trust in caring for your child? Finding the right dentist that meets your family’s needs is imperative in raising children who love pursuing good oral health. Have you found the right fit? In searching through the local pediatric dentists, Kangaroo Smiles sets themselves apart with the quality care, individual attention and professionalism they deliver.

How do you find a pediatric dentist? We have provided some helpful tips for you to consider.

Here at Kangaroo Smiles, Dr. Mona Beylin and the Kangaroo Krew believe that conservative and preventive dentistry go a long way. Always using kid-friendly language, they easily communicate with children and parents on how to best care for their teeth. They work close with families to develop healthy and realistic habits to promote a healthy smile for life. The top priority at Kangaroo Smiles is to ensure that you are completely comfortable with all aspects of your child’s dental visit.

What Are Qualities To Look For in Local Pediatric Dentists?

A Welcoming Child-Like Atmosphere
Sterile and cold atmospheres don’t tend to become an inviting environment for children. This is why finding a dentist for kids with a child-like atmosphere is important in helping your child become comfortable with their dental visits. Here at Kangaroo Smiles, your child is welcomed into an inviting and warm atmosphere with a welcoming reception area, fun kids area with Ipads, movies and more! We even provide our parents with a coffee station to keep you running at your best.

A Friendly Staff

Why add stress to your visit by choosing an office that has an unwelcoming and not-so friendly staff? Local pediatric dentists should always have a welcoming and friendly staff to help make you and your child comfortable. Here at Kangaroo Smiles our Dr. Mona and the Kangaroo Krew are always ready to welcome you with inviting smiles and care that’s expressed in words and actions.

Tools for Kids

A child’s mouth is small in comparison to an adults. This means that the instruments used in a pediatric office need to be small as well. Using the correct size tools well help prevent any unnecessary pain or discomfort. Kangaroo Smiles is prepared in creating a comfortable experience for your child, with small instruments that are suited specifically for your child’s needs and mouth size.

Along with these characteristics, Kangaroo Smiles adds to these by choosing to communicate in a way, as mentioned above, that the child understands. We are also active in the community – in helping causes such as Steps for Pets. Also, don’t forget to visit our Facebook Page and receive updates on our Super Special Kids of the Month!

For more information on how Dr. Mona and the Kangaroo Krew can become a part of your child’s oral care, give us a call at 978-425-1496.