Five On-The-Go Tips for Kids Teeth Care That Methuen Moms Will Love

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Moms do their very best to make sure kids have everything they need: transportation to activities, school lunches, cuddles—the list is endless! To help make things easier, Kangaroo Smiles has tips for kids teeth care that Methuen moms will love.

Take a Look at Five Hacks for Kids Teeth Care That Methuen Moms Say Yes To!

There are some life hacks that may have moms saying no, such as duct tape to keep a three-year-old flip-flop together or a perfume bath after soccer practice. Our tips, however, will have moms cheering yes! The following five suggestions are useful, easy to implement and will help moms maintain those amazing oral hygiene routines they’ve worked hard to instill.

  1. Travel Kit To Go: It’s always a good idea for mom to carry a spare oral-hygiene pack in her purse, glove box or trunk, or have her child carry one in his/her backpack. What is the one thing many people (not just moms) forget to pack for a trip? Ah yes, the toothbrush! It’s not just on trips, however, that toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss are forgotten. Think about the sleepovers and trips to Grandma’s house. Having a spare kit, even if simply placed in a ziplock bag at the ready, will save time and eliminate worry. shutterstock_646365484
  2. Extra Utensils: If you’re one of the many moms who (perhaps reluctantly) allows kids to eat in the car, it’s a good idea to keep a backup supply of plastic utensils. Although most moms like to encourage sharing, using the same spoon for applesauce, pudding or a fruit cup inevitably means the sharing of bacteria that can lead to cavities, or worse—germs leading to a contagious illness like strep throat or the flu!
  3. Cooler For Crunchies: Even if you’re only trekking to a baseball game across town, taking an extra five minutes to cut up an apple, carrots and celery to put in a small cooler can significantly decrease the chances of your child developing cavities. A healthy diet leads to optimum dental and overall health.
  4. Hydration Station: Since the foods and drinks we eat settle into our mouths and produce bacteria, which may possibly lead to acid-caused tooth decay, it is good practice to drink water to help keep that bacteria at bay. Although tap water can sometimes get a bad wrap, if you’re out and only have public-drinking water available, remember it may just contain the extra fluoride your little one could use to help fight cavities.
  5. Grade-ADA Gum: Did you know that sugarless chewing gum actually reduces cavity-producing bacteria by promoting the production of saliva to wash it away? Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance while searching for your child’s preferred flavor of gum.

Kangaroo Smiles Helps Mom Smile More!

Nothing makes mom smile more than seeing her child healthy and happy—well, nothing except a few great tips for on-the-go dental care. For more ideas on kids teeth care that Methuen moms appreciate, please feel free to reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable and skilled team.

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