Five No-Nos of Kids Teeth Care Lowell Parents Should Know

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When it comes to kids teeth care in Lowell and what parents should know, it’s naturally important to focus on positive habits. There is value too, however, in understanding what behaviors may not be so great when it comes to optimum children’s dental care and oral hygiene. Let’s take a look at some common no-no’s that children of all ages should watch out for.

Five Bad Habits Affecting Kids Teeth Care in Lowell That Parents Should Watch For

Everyone slips into a bad habit every now and again, but some habits can be significantly bad for your health. This includes behaviors adversely affecting dental health! When setting your child up for positive dental routines, there are some behaviors parents can watch out for and help remedy before they cause a larger problem, including:

  1. Brushing Vigorously: The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice a day—but not until your gums bleed! In fact, it’s important your child understands it is best to apply gentle up-and-down brush strokes with a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging the teeth and gums.shutterstock_155666270
  2. Toothpaste Overloading: It’s easy for kids to get carried away with toothpaste, but in reality, they don’t need very much. Toddlers and children under three only need to use the equivalent of a grain of rice amount of toothpaste. (Also– remind them not to swallow it!) Preschoolers can upgrade to a pea-sized amount of (preferably) fluoride-infused toothpaste.
  3. Nail Biting: It may be one of the yuckiest habits, but it’s also a common one! Not only does this habit increase the chance of teeth chipping, but fingernails also have all kinds of germs under them. Paint your child’s nails or provide an incentive for keeping nails out of his/her mouth to bite this habit in the bud.
  4. Snack Attacking: Some health experts say that snacking is good for your metabolism, but in the dental world, too much grazing can equate to a greater potential for cavities. Every time your child eats, his/her mouth becomes home to bacteria-producing acid that attacks the teeth. To reduce the chances of this happening, encourage your little one to down a big glass of water after snack time and try to help him/her maintain a healthy, balanced diet.
  5. Candy Crunching: Lollipops, hard candy and ice cubes are sure fun to crunch on, but your child’s teeth may not agree. Keep your child from cracking a sealant—or worse, a tooth—by limiting sticky, hard candies and ice cubes.

Keeping kids accountable can be a tall order, but doing so can help transform not-so-good behaviors into healthy, long-lasting habits. Supporting positive oral hygiene routines at an early age will do more than simply set your child up for good dental health. It will also encourage overall positive health and behaviors.

More Tips for Children’s Teeth Care Lowell Families Appreciate

If you have more questions regarding tips on kids teeth care in Lowell that families can implement, please call us anytime at (978) 425-1496. In addition to providing the very best in comprehensive pediatric dental care, Kangaroo Smiles Pediatric Dentistry enjoys helping our families become educated about the best ways to incorporate positive healthy dental habits into their daily lives.

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