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Are you looking for the best kids root canals Methuen has to offer? Pediatric root canals might sound like a scary subject, especially since it involves your little ones. However, with the right care, this doesn’t have to be true. With the experts at Kangaroo Smiles, the entire root canal process for your kid can be as painless as possible.

The first thing to know, is if your child will need a root canal or another form of treatment. When it comes to baby teeth, Dr. Mona Beylin (one of the two main dentists at Kangaroo Smiles), does not perform root canals. Instead, she performs therapeutic pulpotomies.  Her colleague, Dr. Simon Beylin, performs root canals on permanent teeth.

Therapeutic Pulpotomy vs. Root Canals

You may be wondering how therapeutic pulpotomies and kid root canals procedure differ.

Therapeutic pulpotomies are performed on baby teeth. They are basically root canals for baby teeth, however, the procedure differs slightly. During a pulpotomy:

  • Part of inflamed pulp tissue, containing the nerve and blood vessels, is removed.
  • Then the tooth is covered in a material that seals off the tooth and crown in placed on top.

A root canal follows a similar procedure, but instead of only a partial removal, the entire pulp of the tooth is removed using small files. The tooth is then capped with a crown as well.

Why would my child need a root canal?

There are many different reasons why your dentist at Kangaroo Smiles might suggest a pediatric root canal. The three main reasons kids might need a root canal are:

  1. If a tooth is chipped and a nerve is exposed.
  2. If your child is experiencing any type of extreme sensitivity to hot or cold food and/or drinks.
  3. If your child has chronic toothaches or experiences sharp pains in the teeth or jaw.

The thought of your little one experiencing kid root canal pain might be scary, however, you can rest assured Kangaroo Smiles is the best place to bring your children for a kid root canal procedure.

Why pick Kangaroo Smiles?

Kangaroo Smiles is a family-friendly dentistry office that goes above and beyond to make you and your child feel comfortable and valued. The dentists and staff understand how overwhelming this whole process can be for you and your child, which is why they focus on creating a comfortable environment. They specialize in using kid-friendly language to make sure your child understands and feels comfortable throughout the whole process. If you are searching for the best kids root canals Methuen has to offer, visit Kangaroo Smiles!

For all your needs for kid root canals in Methuen, look no further than Kangaroo Smiles!