Help! My Child Needs a RCT: Managing a Kids Root Canal Around Lowell

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If you’re looking for a dentist that can perform a kids root canal around Lowell, then chances are you’re also interested in tips for managing a root canal treatment for your child. The first thing to know is that it’s important to distinguish the difference between a root canal and a therapeutic pulpotomy. Baby teeth can receive a therapeutic pulpotomy while permanent teeth can receive a root canal. Here’s our simple 6 step guide to get you through the entire process!

  1. Find a pediatric dentist who communicates trust and kindness. While a general dentist may be trained to do a root canal, a pediatric dentist will have a greater ability to connect with your child and put her at ease.
  2. Ask your dentist to provide you with a full explanation of what a kids root canal around Lowell will entail. Make sure you know what the procedure involves, the benefits and the treatment alternatives.
  3. Schedule the appointment and follow your dentist’s suggestions for preparing your child. Make sure you keep calm while preparing for the appointment. Your visible anxiety will only cause more concern in your child.
  4. Your dentist will take over from here and perform the procedure with expertise and accuracy. It’s possible that a local anesthesia will be used in order to allow the dentist unhindered access to the affected area.
  5. After the procedure has been completed, make sure that your child does not eat anything until the numbness has worn off in the mouth.
  6. Expect to schedule another checkup visit so that your dentist can monitor and assess the effectiveness of the therapeutic pulpotomy or root canal treatment.

And that’s all there is to a kids root canal around Lowell! It really is less intimidating than one might think. The important thing is finding a dentist who is knowledgeable and skilled, yet kind and compassionate.

At Kangaroo Smiles, you can find both.

Dr. Simon Beylin loves kids and uses his dental expertise to bring healthier, happier smiles to children. Dr. Beylin only does root canal treatments on permanent teeth, as a baby tooth that is experiencing pain would need a therapeutic pulpotomy, and would be performed by Dr. Mona. If your child has been complaining of consistent pain in his or her permanent tooth, is extremely sensitive to hot or cold stimuli or has experienced severe damage to the pulp of the tooth, call Kangaroo Smiles today at 978-401-4892.