Kids Dental Cleaning: One of the Best Ways to Avoid 5 Health Offenders

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5 Conditions of the Mouth that a Routine Kids Dental Cleaning can Help Deter

The importance of pediatric dental hygiene can sometimes be misunderstood and/or undervalued. Did you know, that when it comes to kids dental cleaning, studies have demonstrated that routine checkups and proper hygiene are essential in preventing not only cavities and gingivitis but also potentially more serious health conditions?  Let’s explore the reasons why kids dental cleanings are crucial for their health.

5 Conditions of the Mouth that a Routine Kids Dental Cleaning can Help Deter

Kids Dental CleaningWhen considering the negative outcomes that can occur as a result of neglecting improper dental care, many people naturally assume cavities as a top result. Although cavities are indeed, one of the main consequences of poor dental hygiene there are several other conditions to be aware of and concerned about, including:

  1. Gingivitis: An infection that causes swelling, puffy gums, a receding gum line, and bad breath.
  2. Periodontitis: Produces symptoms similar to Gingivitis, but is more aggressive leading to potential puss between the teeth, pain, and loose teeth.
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Linked to periodontal disease, rheumatoid arthritis can intensify existing pain caused by the autoimmune disorder.
  4. Heart Problems: When bacteria builds up in the mouth the risk of heart inflammation and infection increases as does the risk of a heart attack once bacteria enters the body’s bloodstream.
  5. Stroke: Bacteria can also build up and narrow artery walls or produce blood clots leading to a stroke.

Although these issues are more probable to occur with adults, it’s important to understand the long-term effects the lack of regular kids dental cleaning and optimal home-care practices can have. In addition to the possibility of developing serious health conditions later in life, children can succumb to aesthetic issues – yellowing or other discoloration, and even loss of teeth.

Set Your Child Up For Dental Hygiene and Overall Health Success

In addition to scheduling a routine, six-month, kids dental cleaning, practicing a dedicated home-care regimen will increase your child’s chance for success toward optimal overall health. By instilling the value of daily, comprehensive dental care to your child as early as possible, you will be introducing healthy patterns that can be fostered for a lifetime. This includes:

  • Monitoring Your Child’s Diet
    Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and protein to ensure a balanced diet. Reducing sugar will also prevent bacteria from transitioning into harmful acids that lead to tooth decay.
  • Supervising Brushing and Flossing
    Even the most well-intentioned and disciplined children can benefit from supervision to confirm that daily brushing and flossing are done to maximize dental health. Provide children with child-appropriate toothbrushes with soft bristles. Instruct how the toothbrush should be used in an up-and-down motion (twice a day). Show them how to floss and make them accountable by flossing at least once a day.
  • Using Proper Fluoride and Toothpaste
    Follow your dentist’s recommendation for a toothpaste containing fluoride and inquire if any additional fluoride supplements are needed. Children under three years of age only need a rice-grain-sized amount of toothpaste and children six and over can use a pea-sized amount.

What to Expect During a Kids Dental Cleaning

The American Dental Association recommends scheduling a children’s dental cleaning shortly after the arrival of the first premature tooth. At Kangaroo Smiles we strive to make each kid’s dental cleaning and check up the most comfortable, caring and compassionate we can. We take pleasure in educating parents and children on best dental hygiene care. During an examination we typically:

  • Take X-rays of the top and bottom of the mouth
  • Provide a full examination of the teeth and gums
  • Perform a professional, comprehensive cleaning
  • Apply a fluoride treatment
  • Recommend sealants to protect baby teeth if needed

Please call us, 978-403-4168, if you have any questions regarding kids dental cleanings or other pediatric dentistry services. We would love to help you set up an appointment whenever you’re ready.