Five Myths Surrounding Kids Dental Checkups

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A kids dental checkup is not needed until a toddler has all of his or her teeth—true or false?

A kids dental checkup typically consists of crying and discomfort—true or false?

Don’t worry: At Kangaroo Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we don’t hand out true or false quizzes to parents and caregivers. Instead, Dr. Mona Beylin and the Kangaroo Krew dedicate themselves every day to providing helpful and accurate information when it comes to children’s dental checkups and other dental service.

Five Kids Dental Checkup Myths We’re Here to Clear Up!

If you’re wondering how often your child should visit the pediatric dentist, or whether a first toddler dental checkup should take place by age one or two, or you have other questions, Kangaroo Smiles is here to set the facts straight.

Below, we debunk five common myths surrounding a kids dental checkup:

  1. shutterstock_89716567Chompers Don’t Need a Checkup Until at Least Age Two

A two-year-old dental checkup seems logical, considering that toddlers can have most of their baby teeth by age two. However, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommend a first dental visit around the emergence of the first tooth or by the first birthday. Not only does this help parents and baby establish healthy oral hygiene routines and screen for any issues, but it also helps your child become accustomed and comfortable with visiting the dentist at an early age.

  1. Dental Visits With Toddlers Is Bound to Be an Ordeal!

Not so! In fact, Dr. Mona’s extensive experience, bedside manner, and education in pediatric dentistry are what makes kids dental checkups run smoothly. At Kangaroo Smiles, we even provide new parents with tips for the first dental visit to make the process as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible.

  1. Fluoride Treatments Aren’t Necessary

While it’s normal for new parents to be cautious about introducing any type of treatment to their child, fluoride treatments are completely safe, effective, and will help your child prevent cavities and tooth decay.

  1. Thumb-Sucking Isn’t A Dentist’s Concern

Thumb-sucking doesn’t have to be anyone’s concern, so long as it is remedied in time. When keeping up this habit, thumb-sucking and using a pacifier can change the shape of your child’s mouth and affect the way her or his teeth develop. Not to worry! This is something that Dr. Mona helps parents with during a kids dental checkup. She will help alert you when it’s time for your toddler to give up the habit.

  1. Children Only Need a Pediatric Dental Cleaning Once a Year

Actually, the ADA and AAPD guidelines suggest a kids dental cleaning take place once every six months for optimal dental health.

More Facts For Parents and Caregivers

At Kangaroo Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to providing parents and caregivers with the most up-to-date dental facts and educational resources. If you have any concerns or questions regarding a first dental visit or kids dental checkup, reach out to us any time!

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