Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Fluoride Treatment In Lowell

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At Kangaroo Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Mona Beylin routinely provides fluoride treatments for children. Parents and caregivers occasionally express concern about their child receiving a fluoride treatment. Topical fluoride, as well as fluoride consumed through food and water sources, is not only safe but also beneficial to teeth. When it comes to questions parents want answers to regarding fluoride treatment Lowell, turn to Kangaroo Smiles!

The Worry-Free Guide to Kangaroo Smile’s Fluoride Treatment in Lowell

There are numerous reasons to opt for a fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps protect the teeth from bacteria that can lead to cavities. To receive the full benefits of fluoride, it’s important for children to get a professional fluoride treatment. Usually, in a gel form, pediatric dentists apply a varnish on the teeth that’s much more concentrated than fluoride children receive from toothpaste, mouthrinses, and water sources.

Here’s more information about fluoride treatment for children:

  • shutterstock_635308331Water with Fluoride is Safe (and Important)

Most municipal water systems incorporate safe amounts of fluoride in the drinking water, including the Lowell Water Department. In fact, drinking fluoridated water has been shown to reduce cavities by an estimated 25% in children and adults.

  • Problems Associated with Fluoride are Extremely Rare

Although fluorosis is a condition that can occur from consuming too much fluoride, it’s extremely rare, occurring in less than one out of four people between the ages of six and 49.

  • Fluoride Treatments Are Recommended Starting at Age Two

At Kangaroo Smiles, Dr. Mona “paints” a fluoride varnish on the teeth which may need time to fully set before your child eats, drinks, or brushes his/her teeth. The Kangaroo Krew will provide full instructions following an in-office fluoride treatment.

  • Appointments With Dr. Mona Ensure Best Fluoride Practices

In-line with the guidelines of The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD,) Dr. Mona suggests that children visit the dentist every six months. During a regular checkup and cleaning, Dr. Mona will advise parents to sign their child up for a fluoride treatment if necessary.

  • Toothpaste and Mouth Rinses With Fluoride Get a Thumbs Up

In addition to consuming fluoridated water, pediatric dentists suggest having your child use small amounts of a toothpaste and mouth rinse containing fluoride.

Learn More About the Benefits of Fluoride

If you want to know more about how fluoridated Lowell MA Tap water can help protect your child’s teeth or how to schedule an appointment for fluoride treatment in Lowell, our Kangaroo Smiles experts are happy to help! Click here to get started or call us at (978) 425-1496.