Five Tips for a Smooth First Dental Visit Methuen Parents Need

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Most new parents have several questions regarding the health and wellbeing of their baby. A common inquiry we hear is, “When should I take my child to the dentist for the first time?” At Kangaroo Smiles, we’ll answer your questions and provide essential tips for a first dental visit in Methuen.

Five Helpful Hints for Your Baby’s First Dental Visit in Methuen

The “firsts” are an exciting time for parents—first words, first steps, first baby teeth. A first dentist visit for a toddler or baby (depending on when the first tooth pops up) is a momentous occasion. Still, parents may experience anxiety before the first dental visit about what to expect. Dr. Mona Beylin is an experienced pediatric dentist who has helped parents in the greater Methuen and Lowell areas with everything they need to know about this first dental visit. Here are five common topics and the accompanying helpful tips: 

  1. Advised Age for a First Visit
  2. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should see the dentist by their first birthday or shortly after the first tooth appears.
  1. Deciding Between a Pediatric or Family Dentist
  2. Many parents wonder if it is recommended to find a pediatric dentist—we say yes! Pediatric dentists are great for growing families because they must fulfill certain requirements to provide specialty services for children.
  1. Best Time of Day for a First Visit
  2. Making sure your little one is well rested and fed before a first dental visit will increase the chance of a smooth, calm visit.
  1. Practice Oral Hygiene Prior to a First Visit
  2. Establishing dental hygiene routines prior to a first dental visit will help your child become accustomed to having his or her teeth cleaned and reduce anxiety during the dentist’s cleaning.
  1. Helpful Tools, Videos and Tutorials
  2. MouthHealthy, a site sponsored by the American Dental Association, has many helpful tips, videos and activities for parents and children to help prepare for the first dental visit.

Everything You and Your Child Need

Dr. Mona routinely treats children of all ages and stages of childhood. For your child’s first dental visit in Methuen, Kangaroo Smiles is the preferred pediatric dental office. We have everything needed to address the dental care needs of children in a comfortable, safe and family-oriented space.

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