Kangaroo Smiles: Making Digital Pediatric X-Rays Fun

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Kangaroo Smiles Takes Your Child’s Health and Safety Very Seriously

Getting your kids excited to go to the dentist is not the easiest task. Add to that the thought of digital pediatric x-rays and both children and parents get a little nervous. However, x-rays are important to maintaining your child’s oral health. The dentists at Kangaroo Smiles understand the importance of making your kid’s experience safe and enjoyable!

Digital Pediatric X-RaysKangaroo Smiles is a pediatric dental office, run by Dr. Mona Beylin, who is committed to making your child’s dental experience gentle and fun! They even give out fun awards and prizes like:

  • A Bravery Award
  • A Fantastic Flosser Award
  • The Shiniest Smile

Kangaroo Smiles provides a full scope of dental services from general checkups to root canals.

The staff also uses kid-friendly language when talking about procedures to help them relax. They work with both parents and kids to foster healthy dental habits that can be sustained throughout their lives.

Why do my kids need digital pediatric x-rays?

You may have heard that the radiation from x-rays can be dangerous and are wondering how this will affect your child. Kangaroo Smiles takes every precaution to ensure the safest radiographic techniques for the pediatric patient are used.

The staff at Kangaroo Smiles only takes digital pediatric x-rays when necessary. The risk of sustaining any negative effects is minimal and far outweigh undetected dental problems.

There are many different kinds of pediatric x-ray techniques, but the staff at Kangaroo Smiles takes all the necessary precautions when it comes to your little one. They follow the regulations and pediatric exposure chart of radiation mandated by American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. During x-rays, the staff places a lead body apron over their bodies to protect them from any radiation.

Reasons X-Rays are Necessary

Many different types of dental issues cannot be detected but a simple physical exam. The benefits of getting regular x-rays far outweigh any risks. Some of the reasons that x-rays are important are:

  • Cavities are not always able to be detected during physical examinations. If a cavity is not detected it can cause a tooth abscess, which leads to an infection and then eventually a tooth removal.
  • Bone diseases can be only be detected via x-rays. This type of injury is incredibly serious and, if detected early through digital pediatric x-rays, can really help in the treatment.
  • Root decay can be detected via this method.

Kangaroo Smiles is the kid-friendly dental office of your dreams! You can rest assured that your child will receive the best care with Dr. Mona and leave each dental appointment with a smile., schedule your appointment here!