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Find out why the office design at Kangaroo Smiles is bringing so much success for children’s dental appointments.

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A brand new office with state of the art technology

As a parent, you know that so much of your child’s experience relies on the environment and atmosphere of your destination. Children can sense chaos in various ways and seemingly small elements of disorder or danger can lead to a negative experience for both you and your child. That’s why at Kangaroo Smiles, detailed thought and planning went into every aspect of our dental office design. Instead of designing our office with the ease of our dentists or staff in mind, we chose to design every aspect of it with you and your child in mind. To understand just what we mean, we invite you to enjoy our dental office virtual tour.

But don’t look yet!

Let us walk you through our pediatric dental office virtual tour so you can see for yourself how each aspect of our office is designed to give you and your child a positive experience.

Color Scheme

You’ll find throughout our office that we have chosen to use clean, white walls with occasional pops of color. Our white walls and other neutral accent tones serve to induce a sense of calm, while our ‘pop of color’ used to appeal to your little one’s senses – green – also serves to provide a calming visual experience.

Visual Interest

As you’ll see in our dental office virtual tour, our calming color scheme doesn’t mean that our office is visually boring. We utilize simple, yet highly interesting wall murals to let your child know this is a place designed just for him. Unique textures are used throughout in order to further stimulate your child’s visual curiosity.

Interactive Areas

We know kids love to play! That’s why we’ve provided an interactive area in our waiting room designed to keep kids interested and keep you relaxed.

Mental Safety

As a vigilant parent, no doubt you have taught your kids to be wary of strangers and situations where you are not around. So for a young mind that is still sifting through the barrage of new experiences, sitting in a room alone with a stranger and unknown equipment can cause obvious anxiety for your child. Which is exactly why Kangaroo Smiles has employed an open-concept exam and treatment area in our pediatric dental office.

You’ll find that most of your child’s dental checkups will be completed right alongside other children, with only one door between you and your child.  Should digital x-rays or lengthier procedures be necessary, these separate areas are still only a skip and a hop away and designed with open concept principles, located just off the main treatment area.

This intentional design accomplishes a dual purpose:

  • Allows your child to know that you are near and easily accessible
  • Provides comfort to your child knowing that other children are experiencing this same thing and are handling it bravely

Parent Comfort

As we said, we designed our pediatric dental office with the parents in mind as well. Our waiting room is stocked with relevant reading material for your enjoyment.

But you will also benefit from knowing that we use state-of-the-art equipment in all dental procedures. Our digital x-ray machine emits 70% less radiation than traditional x-rays. So sit back and enjoy your coffee and a good read, knowing that your child is protected, safe and calm.

We hope you have enjoyed this explanation of our dental office virtual tour. Now we invite you to actually have a look around! Click now for our dental office virtual tour.

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