Is Dental Fluoride Treatment Necessary for My Child?

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It’s important to keep your child’s teeth and gums in a healthy state, and fluoride is an important mineral when it comes to achieving good dental health. It’s no doubt that many dentists and orthodontists recommend this treatment for both adults and children. That being said, this article will talk more in-depth about dental fluoride treatment in Lowell and its benefits for your child.

To learn more about this treatment, then keep reading ahead!

What is Dental Fluoride Treatment?

Dental fluoride treatment is a type of procedure done in order to prevent or slow down oral cavities and tooth decay. The treatment uses fluoride varnish in order to accomplish the said goals of keeping teeth and gums healthy and strong. 

Fluoride is a mineral that’s natural and known for strengthening gums and teeth, which is why this component is widely used in many kinds of oral health treatment for quite some time now.

During the dental fluoride treatment, the dentist will provide the fluoride in the form of a highly concentrated foam, rinse, varnish, or gel. The treatment may be administered through brushing, a swab, a tray, or mouthwash.

The entire treatment won’t take the entire day and it’ll be done within 30 minutes. After the treatment, you will be asked to avoid drinking or eating anything in order for it to take full effect.

Is Dental Fluoride Treatment Safe for Children?

As mentioned previously, oral specialists always recommend that both children and adults undergo this treatment. Dental fluoride treatments are typically safe procedures as it is non-invasive and does not require anesthesia. The varnish is not dangerous at all. The treatment calls for a little amount of it and there is hardly any fluoride that is consumed.

That being said, it is important to let your dentist know about any allergies you have. Additionally, sharing to them your oral history will give them proper insights on how to go about the treatment.

Dental Fluoride Treatment for Children

As parents, we always want the best for our children. We encourage them to take good care of their oral health by brushing their teeth twice daily, flossing, and even bringing them to the dentist for regular check-ups. Dental fluoride is another great preventive measure for obtaining cavities and tooth decay.

Applying the fluoride varnish is much more appropriate for children as it hardens when it comes in contact with saliva, meaning your child won’t be able to lick it off or consume it.

Benefits of Dental Fluoride Treatment

This treatment is recommended for both children and adults because of how beneficial it is for one’s oral health. It protects the enamel from damage, brings minerals back to the teeth, and it’s great for preventing cavities and tooth decay. 

While children are still in their early stages and are slowly learning about the different proper oral hygiene habits, getting them dental fluoride treatment every now and then will help strengthen their teeth.

To learn more about each benefit, then keep reading further. 

#1 – Keeps your enamel protected

Dental fluoride treatment is well-known for its capability of protecting the tooth’s enamel. Whenever you consume liquids that are high in acid, they can break down the enamel of your teeth. This results in making one’s teeth more sensitive to regular activities such as drinking cold, warm, or hot drinks. 

With the help of fluoride, it protects the teeth and enamel from these harmful acids as well as reduces the teeth’s sensitivity. 

#2 – Brings minerals back to your teeth

Besides breaking down the enamel, acid actually causes more harm to your teeth than you know. Acid can also destroy the teeth’s structure by eliminating the minerals that your teeth are comprised of. Calcium and phosphorus are common minerals found in your teeth, and without them, it can make your teeth look weak and damaged.

Thanks to fluoride, it can reverse the damage and restore minerals back to your teeth, making them healthy and strong once again.

#3 – Prevents tooth decay and cavities

When sugars and starch are consumed, bacteria are more likely to be present inside the mouth. That being said, everyone has bacteria inside their mouth and it’s normal. However, this can be a cause of concern if the individual does not practice good oral hygiene as they are making themselves at a higher risk of developing cavities and tooth decay

With dental fluoride treatment, you’re less likely to get cavities and tooth decay as this is an effective preventive measure in doing so.

Side Effects of Dental Fluoride Treatment

Dental fluoride treatment is a generally safe procedure, however, there may be potential side effects that may occur after receiving it. That being said, don’t let this deter you from getting the treatment as these side effects do not manifest for everyone.

Potential side effects include:

  • White spots on your teeth (If a greater dosage of fluoride was given)
  • Nausea
  • Mouth sores
  • Rashes (For those allergic to fluoride)
  • Abdominal pain

Take note that if your dentist administers the treatment properly, you are less likely to experience these side effects as only a small amount of fluoride is to be given.

How Often Should Your Child Get Dental Fluoride Treatment?

Dental experts recommend for children get fluoride treatment two to four times a year. However, the number of times your child should get dental fluoride treatment will depend on the condition of their teeth as well as how many cavities they have. For accurate information, it’s best to consult with your child’s dentist about this.

Cost of Dental Fluoride Treatment for Children

The cost of dental fluoride treatment in general is relatively inexpensive. It can range from $5 to $20, depending on which clinic you go to. For an accurate quote of prices here at Kangaroo Smiles, you may schedule an appointment or Contact us for further information.


Here at Kangaroo Smiles, we want what’s best for you and your child. Our dental fluoride treatments are administered by friendly dental experts, ensuring your child has a comfortable experience with us! For our other pediatric dental services, you may visit this page.