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What a Child Wants in a Children’s Dental Office Near Westford

We know what every parent wants when searching for a children’s dental office near Westford – quality, affordability, cleanliness – but what do you think your child would look for in his or her search?  Here are a few of the things we have found to be contributing factors to a child’s good experience with a dentist near Westford.

Fun but Calm Environment

Many kids are enthralled by the overload of sights, sounds, and experiences at say…the circus, but that’s not exactly the environment that they would seek when stepping into a potentially fearful experience.  Your little one loves to see colors and toys, but not so much that the senses are overwhelmed from the moment they enter the door.

A child needs interest, but not at the expense of a calming experience.  This combination of appealing to their need for entertainment and colors, while still evoking a calming atmosphere is exactly the formula children instinctively desire for new situations.

At Kangaroo Smiles, we have designed our office around these needs.  With calming neutral tones, we add a touch of interest through unique textures, kid-friendly murals, and small splashes of color, rather than wild, overwhelming colors that overtake the entire space.


Every parenting book will tell you that kids respond best to a sense of mutual respect between adult and child.  Yet, how often do dentists, doctors or nurses completely gloss over the need to communicate to the child the process they will undergo and then ask permission for these steps?

Dr. Mona at Kangaroo Smiles truly possesses a deep sense of respect for children and shows it through her completely calming voice and demeanor, even when dealing with difficult behavioral issues.  Her ready smile but soothing presence brings the child quickly into a tranquil experience.


For children, there often exists a sense of helplessness growing up in a world where everything and everyone is bigger, stronger, and able to force their will if they so choose.  Subconsciously, a child is always assessing the danger in a situation.

Most pediatric dentists near Westford provide separate rooms for each patient, closing the child off to any help or outside connection should they feel like they need it.

Kangaroo smiles does things differently.

By offering a large treatment area for general cleanings, we communicate a sense of openness and safety to children and their parents.  We don’t whisk the child away to a scary, sterile room behind closed doors.  We let them see other children experiencing the very same thing, showing that this process, although scary to them, is entirely safe.  And we always welcome the parent to stay with their child throughout the entire appointment.  This provides the ultimate sense of safety that a child can experience.

At Kangaroo Smiles, we care about what you want in a children’s dental office near Westford, but we also deeply care about your child’s needs.  We know that a successful dental experience combines the needs of both parent and child and causes both to walk away with a smile on their face.

To find out more about the services we offer call us today at (978) 425-1496.  We look forward to working with you and your child!