The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Children Cavities

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When it comes to preventing cavities, many parents and caregivers know what to do. With awareness growing in the public realm, social media and classrooms, current generations know more about best oral hygiene practices than ever before. Like many lasting urban myths and legends, however, there is lingering advice regarding children cavities, especially related to baby teeth that can do your little one more harm than good. Don’t worry: Dr. Mona Beylin and the Kangaroo Krew are here to set the story straight when it comes to children’s cavities.


Don’t Believe the Hype in Neglecting Children Cavities in Baby Teeth

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to regard baby teeth as dispensable. After all, children eventually lose baby teeth in exchange for permanents, right? While it’s true that baby teeth eventually wiggle their way out of your growing child’s mouth, do not view baby teeth as less important than permanent teeth. In fact, untreated cavities in baby teeth can lead to serious problems.

Take a look at common consequences of children cavities in baby teeth left untreated:

  • Extensive pain and discomfort
  • Inability to eat properly
  • Impediments to normal speech
  • Disruption to sleeping patterns
  • Problems with self-esteem and confidence

If treatment is neglected for cavities in baby teeth, severe tooth decay can not only cause extreme pain for children, but can also result in additional dental issues down the road. Missing teeth can lead to misalignment in the jaw, difficulty in chewing and speaking, and a host of other expensive, painful dental issues.shutterstock_580090765


Treating Teeth Cavities in Children

Cavities result from a surplus of bacteria caused by poor oral hygiene, excess sugar and starches, and limited access to fluoride. As the enamel of your child’s tooth begins to wear down from the bacteria, the tooth begins to turn brown or black as the cavity forms.

To properly diagnose cavities in children, Dr. Mona will conduct a full checkup, including dental x-rays if necessary. If a cavity has been detected, the procedure for filling a child’s cavity involves using a tooth-colored material filling to guard the tooth against further damage. Dr. Mona uses white fillings to mimic the natural appearance of your child’s tooth.


Can You Prevent Cavities in Children?

Yes! Through practicing routine oral hygiene, helping your child maintain a balanced diet, and maintaining six-month dental checkups and cleanings, you can set your child up for ultimate dental success.

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