Food Fight! Find Out The Best Foods That Help Fight Cavities In Kids

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Find Out The Best Foods That Fight Cavities

It’s no secret that kids and cavities go together like sugar, and well… cavities. It’s also no secret that cavities in kids can cause some serious issues, not just in childhood, but into adulthood. A cavity isn’t only a dark spot in your child’s smile, it’s actual decay that causes a hole in the tooth that can worsen over time. But, there are some ways you can help your kiddo get on the road to good oral health.

Making right choices and getting into a daily routine of good oral hygiene habits will help your child grow into a responsible adult with a stunning smile.

Along with the obvious dental hygiene routine of brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist for regular dental visits, to promote healthy teeth and gums, make sure your child is eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods from all the food groups. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggest eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, protein foods, dairy products and whole grains. They provide vital nutrients that promote not only oral health but overall health as well. Colgate agrees, stating that some foods are better than others when it comes to fighting decay. We’re going to help you by giving you some tips in cavity prevention for kids.

Best Foods to Help Fight Cavities In Kids

  1. Cavities In KidsFruits and Veggies – The old wives tale of “An apple a day will keep the doctor away” might not hold true for the doctor, but it could actually help with the dentist. Eating fruits and veggies, especially crunchy ones, can help to prevent tooth decay because of the high fiber content. Add to that the healthy amount of saliva flowing, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic cleansing for teeth! Get your kids to eat celery and carrot sticks and cucumber and apple slices on a regular basis for extra cleansing support!
  2. Cheese and Dairy – This one is an easy one! Most kids love cheese and dairy. Did you know that it’s also incredible for their teeth? Cheese doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, but it packs a powerful punch of calcium and protein, both of which are essential for the health and strength of the teeth’s enamel. But, cheese isn’t the only dairy that’s a powerful cavity fighter. Milk is just as impressive. After eating sweets, milk can help to reduce the amount of plaque buildup which aids in fighting cavities in kids. So, if your little one ends up eating a sweet treat, make sure they wash it down with a glass of milk!
  3. Seafood – This one may surprise you, but seafood, specifically fish, lobster, and shellfish are fantastic for your child’s teeth for two reasons. The first being that they are an incredible source of lean protein. Second, surprisingly enough, most seafood contains fluoride, according to The National Institutes of Health. Just as the fluoride that’s in your tap water helps reduce the risk of tooth decay, so does this natural source of fluoride. Who knew that eating fish could help prevent kids cavities?!
  4. Nuts and Other Protein – If your little one can’t stand seafood, don’t worry. Nuts are another great source of protein, calcium, and phosphorous which are great at aiding in the fight against children’s cavities. And, because they are crunchy, nuts can really get the saliva production going, which we’ve already learned, helps to cleanse the teeth. If nuts don’t work for your child, some other great sources of proteins are chicken, eggs and other types of lean meat.

Cavities don’t have to be a huge deal if you know how to help your child make good choices when it comes to their diet. Along with the proper oral hygiene regimen, the right food choices can make a big difference in the fight against cavities in kids. We would love to help educate you and your child and reward them for no cavities! If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (978)425-1496. We are happy to help you any way we can!