3 Important Tips to Preventing Stained Teeth with Braces

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Find out how to avoid those pesky braces stains.

braces in lowellBraces can be an expensive and time-consuming investment–but one that most definitely pays off in the long run. Braces aren’t just to make sure you have a pretty smile, they also correct and prevent other, more serious complications down the road.

This said, all too many people have their braces in Lowell removed only to find that their nice straight smile is marred by stains. This can be really frustrating–no one wants to trade straight teeth for stained ones. Don’t worry, with proper care you can get that perfectly straight smile and keep your pearly whites. Check out these three crucial tips for preventing stains while wearing braces.

Your Guide to Preventing Stains from Braces

Braces can cause food to become trapped against the teeth and make brushing more difficult. This can result in plaque building up over time; which is the real cause of the stains. Wearing braces increases your chances of developing stains and cavities–which means taking extra good care of your teeth during this time is key.

Tips for Preventing Stains while Wearing Braces

  • Watch What You Eat: We all know that what we eat can affect the health of our teeth–staying away from loads of sugar is always a good decision. However, because of the increased risk of food and sugars getting trapped against your teeth, it’s best to strictly limit or completely eliminate some of the main culprits–sugary and starchy foods as well as sugary or acidic fruit drinks or sodas.
  • Clean Your Teeth After Every Meal: Standard recommended dental hygiene is to brush and floss twice a day–morning and evening. However, once again, precautions need to be heightened when you are dealing with braces. Make sure you brush and floss after every meal. Wait 30 minutes to allow your enamel time to settle and your saliva to remove the acids left by the food. Thorough cleaning after every meal is extremely important to remove any food that may be stuck in the braces and eliminate plaque buildup.
  • Schedule Those Cleanings: Regular dental cleanings are always important, but they are especially important when trying to prevent stains from braces. Even if you carefully follow the other tips, some tartar may build up that you simply cannot take care of with your normal daily care. Your dental cleanings will help to eliminate this buildup.

Being diligent with your dental hygiene while wearing braces in Lowell may be tiring and frustrating, but know that it will be well-worth it! When you have your braces removed and see those straight, stainless teeth, you will know your hard work paid off.

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