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Already in love with Kangaroo Smiles’ main location in Lowell, MA? Well then, look out! The best kids dentist Methuen has ever seen is here! With thousands of rave reviews from truly satisfied parents and kids, trying to find an amazing, local pediatric dentist will no longer be an issue!

Taking your child’s dental health seriously at a young age is important, so second best is never an option. With this new location, you can look forward to a positive experience that will make taking your child for their first teeth cleaning a breeze. These pediatric dentists know exactly what to do to combat any hesitation or anxiety your child is feeling upon their first visit. And, to keep kids on top of their dental hygiene, Kangaroo Smiles offers prizes for shiniest teeth, the most fantastic flosser, and even a Kid of the Month award!

Wondering what else you can expect with a visit to Kangaroo Smiles? Let’s go over the basics.

What Can You Expect When Visiting the Best Kids Dentist Methuen, MA Has to Offer?

  • A welcoming, kid-friendly office filled with playful paintings to ease tension and help achieve a positive experience.
  • A knowledgeable, cheery staff to help guide your child through every step of their dental procedures with language that will eliminate any fear associated with adult dental language.
  • Services such as cleanings, exams, crowns, white fillings, and therapeutic pulpotomies/root canals.
  • Expert pediatric dentists that are able to accommodate children with special needs.

The best kids dentist Methuen could ever hope for is here! To schedule an appointment at our Methuen, MA or Lowell, MA office, call us today at (978) 425-1496! Our pediatric dentists are waiting to begin you and your child on their journey to ultimate dental health.