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Why So Much Stress over Baby Teeth, Westford Parents?

Is Early Dental Care Really Necessary?

With a myriad of other decisions that must be made about your child’s health, appearance, comfort, and overall happiness, it can seem overwhelming to have yet another concern that must be addressed. Many parents put aside thoughts about their child’s oral care, thinking that it really is not necessary to consider until much further down the road. After all, baby teeth will fall out eventually, so why stress?

So why all the fuss about early childhood dental care? Is there anything about baby teeth Westford dentists can treat?

We’re happy you asked. There is! Your child’s baby teeth hold a place of much more importance than you may realize.

3 Reasons Why Early Dental Care in Westford is Crucial

Decay in Caries (Cavities) Can Spread

Cavities are unfortunately common in young children.  According to the CDC in recent a survey “approximately 37% of children aged 2–8 years had experienced dental caries in primary teeth”.  And if your child finds himself in this percentile, it’s imperative that you have the cavity removed and filled. If the decay is left in the tooth, it will continue to spread, eventually consuming the entire tooth. But it doesn’t stop there, the decay can spread even down to the root of the tooth and the gum area. Once at this stage, much more dental intervention is required.

One Infected Tooth Can Ruin Others

Infected primary teeth that are left in the mouth can also cause damage to permanent teeth. The infection can wear on the enamel of a permanent tooth and cause defects that will lead to a lifetime of weak teeth.

Missing Teeth Cause Alignment Issues

Primary teeth hold the space for the future eruption of permanent teeth. If a primary tooth is lost from tooth decay or early removal, other teeth will move into the space, causing misalignment and the need for future orthodontic intervention. If your child has lost a baby tooth prematurely, a kids dentist Westford parents trust will be able to determine if a spacer or other intervention is needed until the permanent tooth comes in.

So now what do you think about baby teeth Westford dentists treat?  Maybe a little more important than you realized.  Don’t leave your child’s future oral health up to chance. Seek out a skilled pediatric dentist that will be able to provide you all the information and care you and your child need in order to have excellent oral health.

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