Top Facts About Baby Teeth Westford Parents Should Read

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Are baby teeth important? If they fall out, it is that imperative to schedule a dental visit for your infant or toddler? The answer to both questions is “Yes.” Baby teeth play a pivotal role in your child’s development.

When it comes to preventing cavities and future teeth issues, there are some of the top facts and myths about baby teeth Westford parents should know. When it comes to debunking the myths of baby teeth, Westford parents will find this reading material crucial to their child’s health and development.

In addition to learning interesting facts about baby teeth and pediatric dentists in Westford, here are also a couple of misconceptions and myths associated with baby teeth development:

  • Since baby teeth fall out, they aren’t that crucial to have- Yes, baby teeth are temporary, but your baby/child needs them as they learn to chew their food, speak and more.
  • Babies can’t get cavities-Babies and children as young as 2 are susceptible to cavities. Many children have had at least one cavity by the age of 5.
  • Baby teeth should be brushed as soon as they emerge from the gums.
  • Babies are equipped with 20 primary teeth in the jaw. They set around the age of 3.

Selecting a pediatric dentist is just as important as it is to finding a primary care physician. You want to trust someone to take care of your child’s teeth and dental health. Obviously, it is beneficial to choose a pediatric dentist who can get on the child’s level and speak on his/her level. We already know people may be anxious when it comes to seeing the dentist. Children need to feel a sense of warmth instead of a cold office with machines, dental instruments, and white walls

When it comes to quality dental care for baby teeth, Westford families can trust the Dr. Simon and Dr. Mona Beylin from Kangaroo Smiles. Dr. Mona, Dr. Simon, and the friendly members of the Kangaroo Krew make the visit to the dentist fun and exciting!

The environment at Kangaroo Smiles is far from monotone. You will find child-friendly illustrations on the walls in addition to:

  • Monthly Prizes and Contests.
  • Patient Of The Month.
  • Kid-friendly language and terms.
  • Compassionate and knowledgeable support staff.

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