Are my child’s baby teeth important?

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So your pediatrician has suggested that you take your 1 year old to the dentist for a check up and I’m sure you thought, seriously, “Are my child’s baby teeth important?”. They’re just temporary, they just help my little person eat and say incredibly cute things, but the baby teeth can’t be that important can they?

Your 3 year old fell off the twirly thing at the playground AGAIN! (Why do they make those things anyways?) As you examined his teary face and realized he lost a tooth before it got wiggly you probably asked yourself “Are my child’s baby teeth important?”

The answer in both of these scenarios is yes. Baby teeth hold space in the jaws for the permanent teeth that are growing under the gums. When adult teeth come in, they need to find room, so when your child loses a baby tooth too early, the permanent tooth underneath can drift into the empty space and make it hard for the other adult teeth to find room when they come in. This can make teeth crooked or crowded.

That’s why starting infants off with good oral care can help protect their teeth for the majority of their life. Don’t push off that visit to the dentist! To schedule an appointment today click here.